AEG - suction robot "Osiris" RX9-2-4STN, black

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AEG - suction robot "Osiris" RX9-2-4STN, black

Article number: 11622

Categories: Household appliances','Vacuum cleaner

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  • The RX9 can see in three dimensions using the unique 3DVision™ technology - an advanced camera combined with two laser sensors. The environment is continuously scanned with millimetre accuracy
  • Cleans every corner thoroughly, along walls and under furniture thanks to the unique Trinity Shape™ design
  • Together with the AirExtreme™ technology and the 21 cm wide PowerBrush™ brush roller, dust and dirt are removed particularly efficiently
  • Maximum battery life: 60 minutes (ECO mode)
  • Power: 14,4 Volt Lithium Ultra High Density Battery
  • Dust absorption: bagless
  • Dust container volume: 700 ml
  • Dry cleaning: AirExtreme Technology™ with high motor power, 21 cm wide PowerBrush™, brush roller and highly efficient side brush
  • Dimensions: approx. 315 x 85 mm
  • Weight: approx. 4,62 kg
  • Accessories: Charging station