Gardena - Viereckregner "Aqua M"

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Gardena - Viereckregner "Aqua M"

Article number: 64500

Categories: Irrigation','Irrigation accessories

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  • The Gardena Aqua M square sprinkler is suitable for even watering of rectangular and square lawns from 110 to 250 square meters
  • The sprinkler has a continuously adjustable range from 8 to a maximum of 18 m and a maximum sprinkling width of 14 m
  • An internal metal filter prevents the penetration of dirt
  • For cleaning clogged nozzles, a cleaning needle is attached directly to the device and is quickly at hand
  • Aluminum-reinforced nozzle pipes are particularly break-proof
  • The square sprinkler is frost and weather resistant
  • 5-year warranty guarantees brand quality as well as the "Made in Germany" quality label