Le Creuset - 3-pla Multi-layer frying pan 28 cm

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Le Creuset - 3-pla Multi-layer frying pan 28 cm

Article number: 22058

Categories: Cooking utensils','Pans

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  • 3-ply stands for the three material layers stainless steel 18/10, aluminium and stainless steel 18/10
  • The high-quality multi-layer material is characterised by excellent thermal conductivity and even heat distribution, from the floor to the walls to the pouring edge
  • This cooking utensil has been developed for particularly gentle, low-water and low-fat cooking
  • Time and energy saving, suitable for induction and all other types of stoves
  • The Le Creuset Bratreine is ideal for roasting and braising
  • Ideal for dishes that are first roasted on the stove and then stewed or baked in the oven to finish
  • With high-quality and extremely stable, robust non-stick coating (hard coating)
  • The massive handles of this pan lie well in the hand
  • No dirt spots and no water inlets can form on the handle
  • Dimensions: approx. 28 cm
  • 10 years warranty